A Church Without Walls

Morgan Johnson

What Is Your Title? Administrative Assistant

Where are you from? I was born in Gouldings, Utah – which is situated right between Monument Valley and the Navajo Reservation. Growing up, I spent my primary years living on the Navajo Reservation with my grandmother. However, when I started elementary school, my parents transitioned our family to Tempe, Arizona which I grew to call home.

Who is in your family? My family has always had a grip on raising me, which I am very thankful for – particularly my grandmother and uncle due to the fact that we lived in a multi-generation home. My mother and father had three children, two girls and one boy – of which I am the youngest. Almost a decade later, my mother remarried to my step-father and gave birth to my baby brother – he was exactly what our big family was missing.

Which Bible verses are particularly meaningful to you? I am particularly fond of Philippians 4:13. As a wife and mother, it’s very important that I remind myself to practice humbleness daily as I walk with Christ.